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Solemnity of St. Peter & St. Paul

Go Forth

The song, “Go Forth” was composed in 2000, the Great Jubilee Year,

“Christ Yesterday, Today and Forever.”


It was a celebration of grace of the mercy of God and the forgiveness of sins throughout the Catholic Church on earth. We wanted to compose a song of evangelization: to spread the Good News to all people beginning with our families and local Churches.


The Scripture passage from St. Matthew 28:18-20 became the basis of the lyrics.

          18   And Jesus came and said to them: All authority in heaven and earth has been given to me.

          19   Going therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing the in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,

          20   and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.

(New Revised Standard Catholic Edition (NRSVCE)


You will see pictures from some of the places we have visited. These pictures brought us wonderful memories of the people, pilgrimages and places where Our Lord and Our Lady have sent us through the years.


We chose to bring this to you just before the Solemnity of St. Peter and Paul.

St. Peter and St. Paul, Apostles (called and sent by Jesus to preach the Good News) are the men most responsible for spreading the Catholic message and faith in the early days of the Church. Both were martyred in Rome for their love of God and their mission of faith.

St. Peter was one of the 12 apostles, as well as the first pope and founder of the Roman Church. St. Peter was crucified upside down because he said he was not worthy to be sacrificed in the same manner as Christ. There are 2 letters by St. Peter in the New Testament.

St. Paul was also an apostle, responsible for much of the New Testament. 13 out of the 27 books are attributed to him.  Because of his Roman citizenship, Saint Paul was beheaded. 

Go Forth

(St. Matthew 28:17-20)



Go forth! Go forth!

Make disciples of all nations, Go forth!

Go forth! Go forth!

Baptizing them in God’s Name, Go forth!

Go forth! Go forth!

Love as I have loved you, Loved you, Go forth!

Go forth! Go forth!

Make disciples of all nations, Go forth!


1. Go forth, go forth, make disciples of all nations.

God is great and Holy is His Name!

Jesus call us all without exception,

God is great and Holy is His Name!

Spread His Word in your community,

In word and deed by holy charity! (Chorus)



2. Jesus send us with the Holy Spirit,

God is great and Holy is His Name!

He gives us faith and wisdom infinite,

God is great and Holy is His Name!

Proclaim salvation in your family!

Then live His Word for all the world to see! (Chorus)


3. Holy Spirit enflame us with Your pow’r,

God is great and Holy is His Name!

To stand with Christ in the final hour,

God is great and Holy is His Name!

Are you ready to prepare the way

For the reign of Christ in your heart today! (Chorus)


“Both apostles share the same feast day, for these two were one; and even though they suffered on different days, they were as one. Peter went first, and Paul followed. And so we celebrate this day made holy for us by the apostles’ blood. Let us embrace what they believed, their life, their labors, their sufferings, their preaching, and their confession of faith.”  – St Augustine

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