Thursday, December 17, 2020

The True Gift of Christmas

 SING with us and SHARE  

"The True Gift of Christmas"

to the whole world! 

The True Gift of Christmas 

1. Here it is another Christmas, the presents wrapped under the tree,

The Christmas tags, the names filled out for our family.

The cards have been sent to our loved ones and Christmas songs will sound.

Checklists are done, Christmas lights are up,

But we’ve forgotten what Christmas is about!



God sent His Son, the Savior of the world

The true Gift of Christmas, Jesus Christ the Lord.

God sent His Son, the Light of the world

The true Gift of Christmas, Jesus Christ our Lord.


2. What can we give You, Jesus? What can we give You, Lord?

On this day in Bethlehem You were born.

For the cards and the presents are nothing, the Christmas lights burn out.

There’s more to life than tinsel and trim,

Help us to find what Christmas is about! (Chorus)



Lord, there isn’t any present that’s befitting for our King.

What we give is our hearts and our love, Lord,

And share Your Song and sing: (Chorus)

Merry Christmas!

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