Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Thoughts and Sayings from St. John Vianney

Curé of Ars

Ars, France

"The saints never complain."

We also found a beautiful story from his life
in the book Cure of Ars:
"...a woman..told....Vianney that she was devastated because her husband had committed suicide. She wanted to approach the great priest but his line often lasted for hours and she could not reach him. She was ready to give up and in a moment of mystical insight that only a great saint can receive,...Vianney exclaimed through the crowd, “He is saved!” The woman was incredulous so the saint repeated, stressing each word, “I tell you he is saved. He is in Purgatory, and you must pray for him. Between the parapet of the bridge and the water he had time to make an act of contrition."

Sanctuaire (Shrine) D'Ars

Here are pictures of the Basilica in Ars from our pilgrimage to France in 2012

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